E-Hail a Cab or a Limo

Use Our App to Connect Directly to a Driver from Your Smartphone with One Touch.
No Numbers to Remember or Call.
Watch Progress as the Vehicle Heads to Your Location.
Annonimity Ensured. No Account Necessary.

Powered by TaxiRadarTM , a next generation E-hail and smart meter taxi system designed to meet the DC Taxi Commission (DCTC) Regulations.

Our Promise: Royal Service at Reasonable Rates

Royal1 is proud to announce it's upcoming Taxi and Limo Services in Washington DC.

Royal1 is DCs first Approved and Operational Payment Service Provider - next generation smart meter taxi system designed to meet the DC Taxi Commission (DCTC) regulations.

When Is This Service Available?

Passenger Pickup Service Starts August 5th, 2013

  • Available for both Taxis and Limousines
  • Available throughout the Washington DC Metro area.
  • To receive advance notification of when the TaxiRadar Apps will be available, please send us an email at: info@royal1.com
  • No accounts necessary, this is for notification purposes only

Royal1 is upgrading the DC Taxi System to meet the new Smart Meter System Standards. As soon as our upgraded fleet is ready we will begin passenger operations. You can find our new PSP upgraded credit card systems immediately in your localDC taxicabs. At this time, we intend to start passenger operations on August 5th, 2013. A passenger beta program will begin on July 22nd, 2013.

Inviting Cab & Limo Operators

Royal1 powered by TaxiRadar is DC's only Approved PSP and Digital Dispatch System for Taxis. It Uses a Patented E-Hail System which is also Ideal for Limos.*

Join us for a future friendly and profitable partnership.

Call Us Today at 202-484-1200 to get started

*Limo Regulations and Subsequent Approvals are not finalized yet.

What is Taxi Radar TM ?

Digital Dispatch System for Taxis - next generation patented E-Hail System allowing one-touch Taxi (or Limo) acquisition with real-time notification of driver's location.

TaxiRadar E-Hail smart phone app allows users in real-time to see the GPS location of available taxis and to hail one with one-touch. The taxi "sees" the users’ location and the user continuously "sees" the taxi's location as it approaches. For drivers, the TaxRadar system allows drivers to see E-hails from passenger smart phones and, within seconds, to send a message directly to a passenger smart phone confirming a pickup. At dropoff, both passengers and drivers will benefit from the credit card payment capabilities that are now mandated by the new DCTC regulations.